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Stéphane Beaudry

Stéphane Beaudry | Finance Director

Results When Considering a Balanced Budget

In 2015–2016, the MUHC went through the greatest transformation of its history. The challenge of having to relocate the MUHC was huge and our organization met it brilliantly. Concurrently, we were confronted by another equally complicated challenge, that is to say having to fast-track implementation of our clinical plan. The MUHC was the only institution forced to face both these challenges while operating in a context of limited financial resources across the province. This particular context led to a financial imbalance.

The budgetary efforts facing the MUHC in 2015–2016 totalled more than $55 million. A significant portion of these efforts were used in our plan to restore fiscal balance, allowing us to reduce the deficit to $42 million. Our efforts will continue throughout 2016–2017. Our organization is committed to balancing the budget as quickly as possible while maintaining access and quality of care.

We must congratulate all the men and women who work at the MUHC and recognize their dedication and commitment to ensuring that our institution adapts to its new reality, remains a leader in innovation and continues to offer, each and every day, the best care for life.

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